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About Hades Surveillance Services

We live in a world where people are communicating, connecting, meeting and moving more than ever before. For some, this has given the need to watch, monitor or track certain people in their personal or professional environment.

In times where people are very aware of technology and their need for privacy, conducting covert and counter surveillance is a challenging task. Remaining faceless to the subject of surveillance calls for professional training of a high degree along with field experience in monitoring, tracking and reporting of people and situations. The skill lies in utilizing the latest in technology to aid these activities in an environment of total confidentiality.

Over the years, Hades Surveillance has delivered a wide range of highly skilled surveillance operations and private investigation services for clients in the private and commercial sector.

We specialise in:

Hades Surveillance Services Operatives

We draw our operatives from non-serving military, police and security services, who bring with them longstanding experience in all aspects of surveillance. Operatives are selected taking into account their specific skills according to the objectives of the task required.

This means that when a client seeks our services they are fully assured of our confidentiality, integrity and professional conduct, at all times.

The Hades Surveillance Services Commitment

Serving our clients interest with integrity, confidentiality and reliability is our first and only priority.

Hades Surveillance Services

We are confident that the service we provide will produce the best possible result for the client. Surveillance is our core skill and we deliver that with precision and secrecy, using the latest that technology has to offer.

If you wish to avail our services, please feel free to call us on +44 20 8638 6425 and we will set up a private appointment with you. If you prefer to write to us, please contact us

Hades Surveillance Services provide professional surveillance teams that gather intelligence to allow our client the most informed course of action.