Covert Surveillance

Covert surveillance demands a high degree of invisibility while maintaining complete control in confidentially tracking, monitoring, listening and reporting the target under surveillance.

Hades Surveillance Services draws upon some of the most experienced human resources from the military, police and security services, who bring with them years of professional and relevant training in the use of high technology in imaging, communications and tracking.

Every operative, male or female, works under an experienced team leader, who maintains strict control on the mission objective while ensuring all standard operating procedures (SOP) are duly followed. The vehicles used in field operations are specially equipped to support covert and effective surveillance activities.

Every operation conducted is carefully planned to collect, assess and report effective intelligence which delivers maximum value for our client’s investment.

Counter Surveillance

Counter surveillance requires careful planning and assessment of the target prior to launching any surveillance measures. Clients approach us for counter surveillance involving espionage, matrimonial issues or commercial disputes, where the surveillance activity involves sensitive handling due to target profile and with high degree of confidentiality.

Based on mission objective as demanded by the client, the team at Hades Surveillance Services assesses the situation for threat level and target profile before deploying covert operators to mount counter surveillance measures. Based on intelligence gathered, our team ensures our client remains a step ahead of the target, at all times.

Protective Surveillance

Certain clients are exposed to personal threats but prefer subtle security cover that is not visible nor impinges into their personal space. We have experienced and qualified field operators to offer clients complete protective surveillance based on threat assessments, in a manner that remains covert and non-obstructive to the client at all times. With protective cover from Hades Surveillance Services, clients can rest assured that they are in safe hands while carrying out their activities as before.

Vehicle tracking

Vehicle tracking is an added service that is very useful in situations where a subject vehicle needs to prove or disprove its location, besides assisting in tracking the target’s movement. Our team has the necessary tracking equipment that is placed on the subject vehicle and monitored in real time, on 24/7 basis, through our tracking devices. It is inexpensive but very effective and helps in providing the client with actionable intelligence. The clients can receive periodic updates on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, based on need and priority.

Insurance Fraud

Insurance claims are rising significantly and separating a genuine claim from a fraudulent one can be challenging. Hades Surveillance Services deploys experienced teams to collect video evidence along with supporting materials, to either support or disprove an insurance claim. All our activities remain within the purview of privacy laws while ensuring all facts are made available, as required by the client.


If there is a person to be traced, Hades Surveillance Services will trace the person and report back to the client, irrespective of location or situation. The person to be traced could, for example be someone who owes a debt, rent or is simply an employee who has disappeared with some company information or asset.

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Private Investigation

Hades Surveillance Services have the knowledge and experience to also handle any matters requiring investigation in the business or domestic sector. From insurance fraud and employee theft to asset checks (and recovery) and matrimonial investigations - we conduct ourselves with absolute discretion and confidentiality to protect the interests of you and/or your business.

Hades Surveillance Services provide professional surveillance teams that gather intelligence to allow our client the most informed course of action.